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In Vitro Study of Deuterium Effect on Biological Properties of Human Cultured Adipose-Derived Stem Cells

Authors: Alona Zlatska, Inna Gordiienko, Roman Vasyliev, Dmitriy Zubov, Olga Gubar, Anzhela Rodnichenko, Anton Syroeshkin, and Igor Zlatskiy
Natural water is a multicomponent mixture of molecules of different isotope composition. Depending on the protium/ deuterium isotope ratio, the water changes its physicochemical properties. However, the biological effect of deuterium has not been thoroughly studied. Deuteriumdepleted water (ddw) has a number of unexpected biological properties, including antitumor, antidotal, and metabolic effects. When protium (H) is completely replaced by deuterium (D), the 2-3-fold kinetic isotope effect is well known. At the molecular level, it was found that the decrease in the deuterium content in water below accelerates the respiratory chain reaction in the mitochondria, whereas in the excess of deuterium up to 99% this reaction is almost completely inhibited. It was shown that different deuterium concentrations can variously affect the proliferation activity of the prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells in vitro. Previously, a positive survival effect of deuterium-depleted water was demonstrated in assays with transplantable tumor cultures on laboratory animals and
other antitumor properties have been demonstrated within experimental systems in vivo and in vitro.
Thus, the deuterium isotope content effect can activate or inhibit intracellular processes. However, until the primary information on deuterium toxicology is accumulated with proper in vivo/in vitro correlation (IVIVC) investigation, the human studies of its effect are impermissible.
Therefore, the aim of this study was to determine the effect of deuterium on biological properties of human adipose-derived stem cell (ADSCs) cultures within in vitro cell model.

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