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Influence of Deuterium-Depleted Water on the Isotope D/H Composition of Liver Tissue and Morphological Development of Rats at Different Periods of Ontogenesis

Authors: Alexandr Alexandrovich Basov, Аnna Anatolyevna Elkina, Andrei Alexandrovich Samkov, Nikita Nikolaevich Volchenko, Arcadii Victorovich Moiseev, Liliya Viacheslavovna Fedulova, Mikhail Gennadievich Baryshev and Stepan Sergeevich Dzhimak
Background: This study aimed to evaluate the reaction of organism of laboratory animals on deuterium-depleted drinking diet. To assess the cell energy metabolism, the effect of a liquid medium with different deuterium contents on isolated liver mitochondria of random bred rats and Wistar rats was studied. Methods: This experimental study on the effect of deuterium-depleted drinking water (DDW) on 16-week-old male Wistar rats lasted for four weeks. Energy metabolism of mitochondria was examined through the production of hydrogen peroxide using an Amplex® Red Hydrogen Peroxide/Peroxidase Assay Kit. Results: Modification of isotope (deuterium-protium [D/H]) composition of rats’ blood and organ tissues with DDW (-705‰), introduced into rats’ diet within four weeks, led to the formation of isotope D/H gradient between blood plasma and organ tissues and affected isotope D/H exchange reactions on the adaptive processes. The isolated liver mitochondria from the random bred rats consumed DDW presented a maximum increase in H2O2 production during the incubation in DDW medium. This increased level of H2O2 production was higher in the isolated liver mitochondria of the rats consuming natural deuterium content drinking water (-24‰). Conclusion: The obtained results indicate the possibility of nutritional correction of isotope D/H metabolism in blood by means of products with modified isotope composition, as well as the prospects of using isotope exchange reactions in case of imbalance in function of the body's defense systems in different generations of animals

Deuterium-DepletedWater Influence on the Isotope 2H/1H Regulation in Body and Individual Adaptation
Deuterium-DepletedWater as Adjuvant Therapeutic Agent for Treatment of Diet-Induced Obesity in Rats

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