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Isotopic Effects of Low Concentration of Deuterium in Water on Biological Systems

Authors: A. A. Kirkina, V. I. Lobyshev, O. D. Lopina, Yu. K. Doronin, T. N. Burdeinaya, and A. S. Chernopyatko
Isotopic effects of deuterium in water are studied in a broad range of concentrations on a number of biological objects of different organization levels. The results obtained show that biological objects are sensitive to variations of isotope composition in water. A decrease or increase in deuterium concentrations in water may cause activation or inhibition of biological functions. The values of biological isotopic effects of low deuterium concentration may even be higher than those of high deuterium concentration. No regularity in response for all the objects studied failed to find out in a range of deuterium concentration in water from 4 ppm to 1%.

Influence of Isotopic Composition of Water with Varrying Deuterium Content In Composition With Mountain Water of Bulgaria on Human Longevity
Submolecular Regulation of Cell Transformation by Deuterium Depleting Water Exchange Reactions in The Tricarboxylic Acid Substrate Cycle

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